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Compostable EN13432 Approved Adhesives

In recent years we have received an increasing demand due to various economic, environmental and social influences, for adhesives which when used in combination with films and hybrid inks will allow converters to produce compostable flexible packaging and film/paper composites. We now have an adhesive system which has passed the tests in accordance with EN13432 regulations and are able to offer customers compostable adhesive solutions. These products have already attracted the attention of numerous blue chip companies Worldwide.

Our water-based adhesive system ST6093G plus cross-linker ST6097 has been tested by OWS in Belgium and proven to meet the EN13432 standard; this means that the product is compostable by industrial means and in addition is also approved for indirect food contact. We are also working to develop 'home compostable' adhesives, which we have recently made very positive steps towards achieving. Our development work has been greatly aided through our technical relationship with Bangor University; a UK centre of excellence in this field, as well as Innovia Films, Sun Chemical & Clarifoil.

Our water-based products serve as a high performance and environmentally friendly alternative for converters. This coupled with our bespoke approach to adhesive formulation and development means that we can tailor our products to the customer’s machine and precise application to ensure optimum performance.

Why compostable / biodegradable?

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EN13432 Standard

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We specialise in bringing innovative projects to fruition and work closely with our customers to formulate bespoke solutions that open new markets and improve competitiveness. Our team have an extensive technical background and always seek to improve manufacturing processes by paying great attention to the machine, application method, substrates and end use requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to assist customers with any projects or future development plans and are proactive in finding solutions to challenges surrounding compostable products. If you would like to talk to us or require any additional information then please either e-mail green@scitech-adhesives.co.uk or contact our head office.


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