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Scitech are a leading UK manufacturer of film to print adhesives with a proven product range and a reputation for quality and consistency. We specialise in the development and manufacture of bespoke single and two part products for the print finishing market, offering grades for a variety of machines and application specifications.

We boast some dramatic advances in this industry including developing compostable EN13432 products for the market as well as high yield products, offering all round excellent performance. Our adhesives are single part self cross linking systems, but where extreme fold, crease and emboss resistance is required the product can be further cross linked by the addition of a hardener.

We can provide customers with a tailor made service, looking closely at their machine set up, running speeds and required finish we can suggest the most suitable grade from our extensive range. We do not believe that one size fits all and are always responsive to the customer’s individual requirements with the aim of refining the product to suit their application.

In recent years we have focused on formulating innovative new technology aimed at improving the performance and yield of our product range whilst also responding to the market demand for food approved products and more user friendly 2 part systems. Film to print laminating adhesives are amongst the most technical of products and an area where consistent quality of manufacturing is essential. Our customers can be assured of our technical competence and quality of both raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes, where close attention to detail comes as standard. Our product range offers;

Applications Served

Film lamination - Film to print / board

Paper Packaging adhesive and glue

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