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Due to numerous economic, processing and safety issues, an increasing number of flexible packaging converters are seeking to either replace or compliment their existing solvent and solvent free products, with water-based adhesives. Scitech’s new high performance water-based products can serve as bespoke customer specific solutions to this ever growing demand. We have a passion for solving technical problems and with our vast experience in the bonding of complex and demanding substrates, we welcome any new opportunities or development projects that come our way.

Past limitations with Water-Based

Why laminate with Water-Based?

Advantages over Solvent-Free adhesives

Advantages over solvent-based adhesives

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What we can offer

We know that one product does not suit everybody and as a result scrutinize the customer’s machine and overall application very closely. This attention to detail ensures the product we offer is both unique and bespoke to fit the requirements. We have extensive experience when it comes to flexible packaging and are passionate about working closely with our customers and providing a product that delivers optimum performance.

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