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Coatings and composite materials are a vital part of so many products around us and the possibilities for functional coatings and laminations are huge. Our passion lies in formulating unique and innovative coatings that open new markets and opportunities to our customers. We work closely and efficiently with customers to ensure that new projects can be finalised and brought to market promptly.  We offer extensive and attentive technical service and do not merely put forward an off the shelf solution, but rather a tailored product which is suited to the customers specific application and requirements. 

We are able to build into our coatings a broad range of features;

There are thousands upon thousands of possible uses for functional coatings which serve as a vital component in the protection and usability of products all around us. We specialise in the bonding and coating of all manner of substrates and complex composites and are able to offer bespoke coatings and lamination adhesives for;

The possibilities extend far beyond this short list and we recognise that offering the most suitable coatings require looking very closely at the application method, the substrates and the end use requirements. Every aspect of the product and its production must be closely scrutinised to ensure the product serves it purpose and its quality is not compromised in any way. If you have any enquiries or projects that we could potentially help fulfil, then please contact our team by e-mailing coatings@scitech-adhesives.co.uk.

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